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Brainomix Showcases Growing Evidence for its Novel AI-Based Imaging Biomarkers in Lung Fibrosis

A new series of studies were unveiled, highlighting the prognostic value of Brainomix lung imaging biomarkers in patients with fibrotic lung disease.

Brainomix Announces New Studies Further Validating the Impact of Brainomix 360 Stroke Platform

With these latest studies, the firmly established European market leader in stroke AI imaging adds to its growing body of evidence. The latest research reflects the company's extensive academic collaborations and its growing Life Science partnerships.

New Study Shows Brainomix 360 AI Transforms Stroke Treatment in England

The largest real-world evaluation of stroke AI imaging, involving more than 80,000 patients at 26 sites over a 3-year period, showed Brainomix 360 Stroke was associated with an additional 50% increase in the number of patients receiving mechanical thrombectomy, while also improving the speed of treatment by 49 minutes.

Data from Brainomix's Collaboration with AstraZeneca Shows its AI-Powered e-Lung Better Identifies Lung Fibrosis Patients at Risk of Decline

Brainomix and AstraZeneca partnered to analyze the Phase 2 tralokinumab clinical trial data of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) patients, leveraging Brainomix's AI-powered e-Lung software and biomarkers to uncover novel insights. Published data shows e-Lung could play a role in stratifying patients in clinical trials most at risk of decline, outperforming current standard measures.

e-ASPECTS Demonstrates 100% Sensitivity to Intracranial Hemorrhage (ICH) in New Study

Study conducted at UCL Hospital in London adds to the growing body of real-world evidence showcasing the clinical value that e-ASPECTS can deliver to stroke teams.

New e-Lung Study with AstraZeneca Published in ATS Journal

Study demonstrates the value of our unique e-Lung biomarkers to accurately predict IPF patients at risk of future lung function decline, a prognostic capability which can benefit future clinical trials.

New Study: Brainomix 360 Stroke Delivers Improved Patient Outcomes

A newly published study in Frontiers demonstrates the impact of the Brainomix 360 Stroke platform, trebling the number of stroke patients achieving a better outcome.

New Study Strengthens the Value of e-ASPECTS and Simple Imaging in Stroke Treatment Decision Making

Results will enable stroke networks to make more confident treatment decisions in both specialist and non-specialist stroke hospitals

New Results: Brainomix Software Shown to Improve Stroke Treatment Rates at Budapest University Hospital

e-Stroke Suite increased thrombolysis and thrombectomy treatment rates for stroke patients

New Study: Using Simple Brain Scans Brainomix AI Software Can Generate Critical Information for the Treatment of Stroke Patients

New study shows Brainomix’s unique AI-driven software gives doctors reliable information to treat stroke patients from universally available imaging systems

Brainomix Software Used to Select Patients in Ground-Breaking Brazilian Stroke Trial

First trial to demonstrate efficacy of thrombectomy in developing world healthcare system

New Study: Brainomix Stroke Imaging Solution Improves Consistency of Image Interpretation for Doctors

New study shows Brainomix e-CTA provides similar measures to experts and improves inter-rater reliability

New ESO Guidelines on Mechanical Thrombectomy

Guidelines reinforce the importance of imaging in determining patient eligibility

New Study Highlights Clinical Value of Brainomix's e-ASPECTS Software for Stroke Patients

Ischemic injury on e-ASPECTS, but not RAPID software, predicted good clinical outcome at 3 months after stroke

Study Shows e-ASPECTS May Be Sufficient for Selection of Late-Time Window Thrombectomy Patients

Study suggests it may be reasonable to select patients for thrombectomy in centres without access to advanced imaging using the e-ASPECTS tool in combination with clinical criteria

New Study: e-ASPECTS Predicts Patient Outcome and Risk of Bleeding in Acute Stroke

New publication in Stroke journal with 1,500 patients from the ENCHANTED trial database

e-ASPECTS in Thrombectomy Trial in Brazil

The only mechanical thrombectomy trial in a developing country is currently taking place in Brazil

American Journal of Neuroradiology Publication

A new study shows e-ASPECTS correlates with and is a predictor of outcome

International Journal of Stroke Publication

Results show e-ASPECTS is on average statistically non-inferior to expert neuroradiologists

Journal of Cerebrovascular Diseases Publication

Study illustrates the potential benefits of e-ASPECTS when integrated within Mobile Stroke Units

International Journal of Stroke Publication

Study shows e-ASPECTS performs as well as stroke experts when assessing brain CT scans of stroke patients

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