May 22, 2024


INR Enhancing Stroke Care with Brainomix-360

Dr. Davide Simonato, 

A distinguished Interventional Neuroradiologist (INR), brings a wealth of expertise to Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust (OUH). Having honed his skills as an INR Fellow and Consultant in Italy, Dr. Simonato joined OUH as an INR Consultant in July 2023, aiming to further advance stroke care. 

At OUH, Dr. Simonato faces the challenge of timely decision-making in thrombectomy procedures, often contingent on the readiness of CT, CTA & CTP image analyses. This bottleneck can oftentimes hamper the identification and centralization of eligible Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO) stroke patients, crucial for timely intervention. As an INR, Dr. Simonato’s top priority within stroke care is ‘No LVO Left Behind.’  

Enter Brainomix’s - Brainomix 360 Stroke platform,- with its seamless integration into OUH’s workflow, enabling communication between stroke teams, and the work of INR specialists is revolutionized. The impact of this technology has been felt at OUH. Dr. Simonato reports a marked improvement in efficiency stating:

“Brainomix eased the communication between stroke teams and the INRs in terms of LVO patient selection. In addition, it allowed the INRs on call to quickly review the images wherever they are once an alert has been sent.”

Beyond individual patient care, Brainomix’s impact extends to a network level. Dr. Simonato spoke to the benefits of using the software at scale across multiple stroke referring centres:

“The risk in a spoke hospital of having LVO patients left behind is real, especially those with equivocating symptoms or fluctuating NIHSS. Brainomix alerts either the Radiologist or Stroke team about potential LVO patients, to be discussed, and that potentially otherwise could be not promptly recognized.”

By alerting radiologists and stroke teams in spoke hospitals about potential LVO cases, the platform mitigates the risk of patients being overlooked, ensuring equitable access to life-saving interventions.

The integration of Brainomix 360 at OUH, guided by the expertise of the entire staff, represents a paradigm shift in stroke care. Through enhanced efficiency, collaboration, and patient-centric decision-making, Brainomix works as a catalyst for transformative change in stroke management. Overall working to help physicians achieve the goal of ‘No LVO Left Behind.’ 

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