AI Innovators with Global Expertise

Since launching as a spin-out from the University of Oxford, Brainomix has pioneered the development of an AI platform that automates validated imaging biomarkers to improve both diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Our e-Stroke platform is the world's most comprehensive stroke imaging solution, widely adopted across multiple healthcare systems worldwide.

Building on this legacy and success, we are expanding beyond stroke into new areas, where there are similar unmet needs and opportunities to improve diagnosis and treatment.

Global Expertise

Value-Generating Partnerships

Over the years, Brainomix has formed a number of key partnerships that have enabled us to broaden our reach, expand our portfolio, and deliver innovative, end-to-end solutions to customers.

Learn more about our focus on creating value-generating partnerships that can improve clinical trial success and foster broad adoption of existing therapies in stroke, lung fibrosis and cancer.


Expanding Access to Life-Saving Treatments

At Brainomix, we are committed to developing innovative AI solutions that will improve patient outcomes.

Take a moment to learn about Margaret's story, a patient from Milton Keynes who suffered a stroke, but who was quickly diagnosed, transferred and treated - all with the help of Brainomix's technology.

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