June 9, 2023

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New Data Presented at American Thoracic Society Showcases the Value of Brainomix e-Lung Software

OXFORD, UK, 09 June 2023 – Brainomix, the AI-powered medtech solutions company,  presented new data in support of its e-Lung software at the American Thoracic Society (ATS) conference in Washington, D.C., one of the preeminent global conferences in the thoracic and respiratory fields. The new data builds on previously reported findings and highlights the impressive performance and clinical value of the novel ILD software.

Dr Peter George, Senior Medical Director at Brainomix and Clinical Lead for ILD at Royal Brompton Hospital in London, presented data on the use of Brainomix’s e-Lung software during the mini symposium “Looking for the Crystal Ball: Biomarkers to Predict Disease Progression and Mortality in ILD,” which showed that the weighted reticulovascular score (WRVS) – the unique imaging biomarker at the core of e-Lung – was more strongly associated with transplant free survival of Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) patients than standard lung function testing Forced Vital Capacity (FVC). WRVS was also able to predict both short- and long-term outcomes of the patients, including annual relative FVC decline and survival. Even when adjusting for disease extent, WRVS remains highly predictive of survival and FVC decline, and change in WRVS is the greatest predictor of mortality when compared to both radiologist assessment and FVC.

The study concluded that AI imaging biomarkers can overcome the hurdles of lung function and radiology assessment variability and reduce the threat of FVC variability to the approval of new therapies. WRVS has the potential to better define disease progression or treatment response in clinical practice and trials and is currently being validated in prospective clinical trials.

During one of ATS’s poster discussion sessions, Brainomix was also able to demonstrate that its e-Lung software can achieve similar results in a cohort of non- IPF patients. In a study of 203 non-IPF ILD patients, Brainomix showed that WRVS provides short- and long-term prognostication from baseline HRCT scans predicting FVC decline and survival, mirroring the results in IPF. There was also good correlation between WRVS and DLco%, a measurement to show the lungs’ ability to transfer gas from inspired air to the bloodstream.

As a founding member of the Open Source Imaging Consortium (OSIC), Brainomix joined with some of the other partners during the AI showcase and roundtable event “Finding Meaningful Digital Biomarkers & AI for Rare Lung Disease.” Dr Peter George showcased the latest developments in Brainomix’s biomarkers using data from the OSIC repository and how these can improve patient care in both clinical practice and trials. The consortium continues to expand its repository of total scans, now approaching 20,000, which enable Brainomix and other partners to utilize the data to further develop and validate imaging biomarkers to benefit patients with ILD.

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