Fast, Consistent Identification of Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO) and Collateral Assessments

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e-CTA is a FDA-cleared and CE-marked decision support software that uses advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence and large data analytics to automatically detect LVO and standardize the assessment of collaterals on CT angiography.

  • Fully automates the CTA-CS collateral score, which predicts a patients response to thrombectomy and has been used to select patients for intervention up to 12 hours from symptom onset
  • Estimates phases of CTA image from automatic arterial input and venous output, and provides visualization of major vessels
  • Supports single and multi-phase CTA

Visual Reports for Faster Analysis

The report depicts the affected side, location of any detected LVO, the acquisition phase of the study, and the CTA-CS score supported by a color heat-map representing the difference in collaterals between hemispheres. MIP projections are automatically generated to assist with fast image assessment, with visual indications of vessel peak enhancement time when multi-phase CTA is available.

Advanced CTA multi-planar reconstructions (MPRs) with coronal, sagittal and axial viewing functionality can support interventional planning.

Reducing Variability

A recently published study showed that e-CTA in isolation performs favorably when compared to expert clinicians, and when used to aid clinicians reduces inter-rater variability. Click here to learn more.

Results Formats

Fast access to CTA images and e-CTA results are available in three main formats:

  • PACS - New series in existing patient study
  • Email Notifications - Pseudonymized result images
  • Mobile Apps / Web UI - Mobile apps on Android and iOS with push notifications

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