July 8, 2020

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Expansion of e-Stroke Suite Across Thames Valley Continues with Deployment at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust serves a patient population of 800,000 across Buckinghamshire & East Berkshire and treats approximately 850 stroke patients a year. The Trust becomes the latest in a long line of NHS specialised stroke centres to adopt the Brainomix e-Stroke Suite imaging platform across its Wycombe and Stoke Mandeville hospital sites.

Created in Oxford (UK) with expert clinical input from frontline NHS stroke physicians, the award-winning Brainomix e-Stroke Suite leverages cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Deep Learning methodology to help stroke physicians make life-saving decisions.

Dr. Matthew Burn, Clinical Lead for Stroke for both the Trust and the wider Thames Valley Strategic Clinical Network said: “We are very pleased to be adopting the Brainomix technology for our stroke patients. This is the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to be used for imaging within the Trust. All stroke patients having a CT brain scan or CT Angiogram will have an AI report which will be very helpful to the stroke teams on-call who need to make treatment decisions within minutes, and before the radiologists have reviewed the scans. The platform also allows the scans and AI reports to be viewed on a mobile phone, and shared instantaneously with other stroke centres in the network thereby facilitating a fast transfer of selected patients for time-sensitive clot-removal (thrombectomy) procedures in Oxford and Charing Cross.”

The long-term collaboration between Brainomix and Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust is part of a wider multi-centred project connecting the stroke imaging pathway across the entire regional stroke network. The innovative technology is used by Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Trust and The Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, with active deployments underway at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Northampton General Hospital and Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Riaz Rahman, VP Healthcare Global at Brainomix commented: “We are delighted to support the vital work of the stroke team at Buckinghamshire Healthcare. Evidence shows the probability of the benefit of stroke treatment falls by 5.3% for each hour’s delay (Saver et al. 2016), so time matters. By providing physicians with transformative technology, they are able to make quicker and more effective decisions to improve patient outcomes.

As the Thames Valley region develops and expands with the aim of providing a 24/7 thrombectomy service, Brainomix will support the onboarding of our technology through a proven NHS implementation approach. As a UK-headquartered company, we are deeply passionate about delivering success to the NHS. This is one of many collaborations with the NHS throughout the UK and we remain proud to be the leading provider of AI stroke imaging technology in Europe. We look forward to making further exciting announcements in the coming weeks.”

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