January 14, 2021

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New Study Strengthens the Value of e-ASPECTS and Simple Imaging in Stroke Treatment Decision Making

The results will be welcomed across stroke networks, allowing more confident treatment decisions to be made in both specialist and non-specialist stroke hospitals


A study published this week in Stroke found Brainomix’s e-ASPECTS software performed as well as RAPID’s CTP software when estimating the volume of ischemic core in stroke patients – a result that carries clinical significance for stroke physicians when making imaging-based treatment decisions.

The study was conducted by the stroke team at Emory University in Atlanta, led by Prof Raul Nogueira, and aimed to compare the performance of Brainomix’s e-ASPECTS software, which generates results from non-contrast CT scans, to that of RAPID’s CTP software, which relies upon CT perfusion scans – a more complex imaging format not as widely available to stroke physicians.

Scans from a group of 479 stroke patients – all of whom had undergone thrombectomy at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta and been successfully recanalized (TICI 2c-3) – were evaluated with both software platforms to produce baseline ischemic core volumes that were then correlated with final infarct volume, as well as 90-day functional outcomes. Overall the results showed an equivalent performance between e-ASPECTS and RAPID CTP for both early and late-presenting patients.

“The ability of the e-Stroke automated algorithm to estimate ischemic core volumes in a reliable and reproducible manner with a similar performance as CT perfusion maps in both early and late windows represents an attractive alternative in centers without ready access to either advanced imaging modalities or stroke neurologist and/or neuroradiologist for imaging interpretation, and has the potential to make endovascular therapy more widely available,” the authors, Mehdi Bouslama et al, noted. “Additionally, this approach offers other potential benefits including (1) reduced contrast and radiation exposure and (2) faster times to treatment which theoretically would lead to improved outcomes.”

Dr George Harston, Chief Medical & Innovation Officer, and Consultant Stroke Physician, Oxford University Hospitals NHSFT, commented: “At Brainomix we have always been focused on developing state-of-the-art, AI-powered solutions that can maximize the information extracted from simple brain imaging. By doing more with less, we can expand access to life-saving and disability-mitigating treatments for patients in all hospitals, not just for those treated at specialist centers. These latest results from the team at Emory emphasize the clinical value that stroke physicians and radiologists can derive from our e-ASPECTS software, empowering them to make more confident and faster treatment decisions, without needing to rely upon more advanced specialist imaging.”

e-ASPECTS software is part of Brainomix’s e-Stroke platform, the most comprehensive stroke imaging solution available, providing decision support for the full range of imaging, from NCCT, to CTA, to CTP/MRI.

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