December 14, 2016

International Journal Of Stroke Publication Page 1

International Journal of Stroke Publication

Oxford – A new clinical study was conducted by Anglia Ruskin Clinical Trials Unit reporting the performance of e-ASPECTS. In this multi-centre study, non-contrast enhanced computed tomography (NCCT) images from ischemic stroke patients were evaluated by e-ASPECTS and 3 independent neuroradiologists and compared to ground truth ASPECTS scores determined by a core imaging lab. The results showed that e-ASPECTS is on average statistically non-inferior to expert neuroradiologists.

The results of this study have been published in the International Journal of Stroke Link

Dr Michalis Papadakis, Brainomix CEO, stated “This is very important news for us in Brainomix as it is the first clinical trial to demonstrate non-inferiority of the e-ASPECTS software compared to manual ASPECTS scoring by experienced neuroradiologists. As a company we are committed to our physicians making sure they can quickly diagnose and intervene during an acute stroke, delivering rapid and expert care.”

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