June 3, 2020

NCIMI Voices

PODCAST: Windmills & Walls - How AI is Helping Clinicians Manage Workflow

Hear from NCIMI’s CEO Claire Bloomfield about how the NCIMI network is responding to the Covid 19 crisis.

Claire is joined by Dr George Harston, Chief Medical Officer at Brainomix and Dr Kiruba Nagaratnam, consultant stroke physician and geriatrician, and clinical lead for stroke medicine at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Royal Berks Hospital is the first hospital in the Thames Valley to start using the cutting-edge AI software developed by Oxford-based Brainomix, used in the Emergency Department to help clinicians quickly diagnose stroke.

This in turn will speed up doctors' decision making around treatment and, when necessary, fast forward certain patients to specialist centres for clot retrieval treatment.

George discusses how the NHS is working in a joined up way-  and how communication  is key to be resilient in the face of this challenge.

Kiruba shares how he sees a system “devolving” to be more responsive in supporting rapid adoption of new technologies.

It's an energetic and positive take on how the NHS and expert medical partners are able to respond and mobilize technology to support patient care.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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