Core Partnership Areas

Retrospective Analysis

Sponsor Imaging and Clinical Data from completed studies, processed by Brainomix to provide insights, or to train and develop specific

Prospective Trials

Sponsor Imaging and Clinical Data from on-going studies, processed by Brainomix to provide insights, or to train and develop specific

Real-World Data

Real World Data and Evidence utilised to provide clinical insights for sponsors on trial design, presenting population and statistical support for endpoint power calculations.

Bespoke Development

Creation and validation of novel digital biomarkers and bespoke software for Life Science partners.

Driving Treatment Decisions

Adoption of digital biomarkers into clinical decision pathways for improved disease diagnosis and the acceleration of therapeutic treatment decisions.

Service Offering

Work with Brainomix today to support your clinical development.

  • Extensive AI-imaging expertise and experience across multi-center clinical trials

  • Proprietary biomarkers, bespoke digital biomarkers and software development services

  • Comprehensive AI-powered Core Lab analytics with AI-enhanced Central Reads

  • Automated and customizable patient selection software to prospectively identify and enrich study cohorts

  • Expert radiology review of imaging data for eligibility adherence, safety assessment and longitudinal clinical insights

  • Expert medical and imaging consultants for clinical support on trial design, execution, and interpretation

Life Science Partners

Brainomix's services support a wide array of Life Science companies from across the globe, including biotech start-ups, large pharma partners, and medical device companies. Here are some of our partners:

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Contact Our Team

Ross Stewart

Ross Stewart

Senior Business Development Manager Pharma Partnerships

“I have been proud to contribute to our Life Science Partnerships during my time at Brainomix. Our approach is critically focused on delivering sustainable, mutually aligned value to our Partners, and I am confident in our capabilities to work within this ecosystem to make a positive impact on patient outcomes.”

Ross has significant experience in Life Science Partnerships, specifically focused on imaging biomarker development and quantitative analysis to support therapeutic research with AI-based imaging. 

With particular interest in imaging driven clinical programmes, Ross has been actively involved in the development, execution, and management of more than 40 partnerships and clinical trials with Pharma sponsors. 

During 10+ years of experience, Ross has worked with a full range of different size Life Science organizations, including Pharma, Biotech, and Device Manufacturers, along with significant experience in working in partnership with many full-service and imaging CROs. 

Our Partners

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