Transforming Stroke Care Through Simple Imaging

To learn more about the FDA-cleared Brainomix 360 e-ASPECTS module available in the US click here.

e-ASPECTS is an FDA-cleared and CE-marked decision support tool for assessing stroke signs on plain CT brain scans.

  • Fully automates and standardizes the ASPECTS score and measures the volume of ischemic signs (ml)
  • Assesses non-contrast CT scans for signs of hypodensity, with a "heat map" indicating areas of detected hypodensity
  • Automatically segments ASPECTS regions, scoring and outlining in red regions containing signs of hypodensity
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Maximizing the Value of Simple Imaging, Helping Select Patients for Treatment

e-ASPECTS highlights and measures hyperdense vessel signs to detect occlusions

  • Detected hyperdensities are outlined in blue (for occlusions) or green (for calcifications)
  • Occlusion length is estimated based on the detected and segmented occlusion region

e-ASPECTS highlights and measures volumes of hyperdensities, which may be indicative of blood

  • Hyperdense region is highlighted in pink, with a volume measurement displayed

Results Formats

Fast access to CT images and e-ASPECTS results are available in three main formats:

  • PACS - New series in existing patient study
  • Email Notifications - Pseudonymized result images
  • Mobile Apps / Web UI - Mobile apps on Android and iOS with push notifications

Click here to access our e-ASPECTS brochure.

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Angels Initiative

We are a proud partner of the Angels Initiative, alongside the World Stroke Organization (WSO) and European Stroke Organization (ESO).

The Angels Initiative mission is to increase the number of patients treated in stroke ready hospitals and to optimize the quality of treatment in all existing stroke centers. The initiative has built a global community of more than 5,000 hospitals, and continues to work every day to improve the quality of treatment for every stroke patient.

To learn more, click here.

Angels Initiative

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