April 8, 2019

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Brainomix & Angels Initiative Releases the Angels WOW CT Training Tool

e-ASPECTS® software, developed and implemented by Brainomix supports physicians’ diagnostic skills by delivering fast and consistent stroke diagnosis.

Stroke has reached epidemic proportions with 1 in 6 people suffering a stroke in their lifetime. Time is Brain with the loss of 1.9 million neurons and 3 weeks of ageing per minute. e-ASPECTS® software by Brainomix delivers value to stroke centres and hospitals worldwide by supporting fast and confident stroke diagnosis using Artificial Intelligence.

Stroke is a time sensitive pathway necessitating diagnosis that is both fast and accurate. Physicians often need to save time whilst ensuring the right treatment for each patient. Reading a patient’s CT scan can be difficult, as scans tend to be hard to interpret, leading to uncertainty and delays in the treatment decision.

Physicians will now have the opportunity to train and improve their CT scan reading skills using the Brainomix e-ASPECTS® Artificial Intelligence-based medical imaging solution. By using the newly developed WOW CT Training Tool stroke physicians and radiologists can learn how to execute a standardized reading process that will improve their interpretation skills. Patient non-contrast CT scans are shown to physicians, with or without the e-ASPECTS® scores alongside. Physicians can then interpret the scan themselves receiving instant feedback from the decision support tool enabling them to quickly identify subtle signs of early stroke damage in the brain.

e-ASPECTS® has been shown to increase physicians’ sensitivity in identifying early signs of ischemic damage by as much as 50%.

Physicians in hospitals already registered with the Angels Initiative can try the WOW CT Training Tool by registering online through the Angels Initiative website.

To find out more about the tool and how it works, please click here

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