Meet the team

Dr Michalis Papadakis


Dr Papadakis is a co-founder and CEO of Brainomix. He has a PhD in neurosciences from UCL School of Pharmacy and was the Scientific Director of the preclinical stroke lab at the University of Oxford. He has successfully led the development and commercialization of the e-ASPECTS software and has raised over £11 million of private investment and public funding. He has been an invited speaker at international stroke conferences and has 20 publications in the field of cerebral ischemia and translational stroke research studies.

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Prof Alastair Buchan

Senior Medical Science Adviser

Professor Buchan is a co-founder of Brainomix and the inventor of the ASPECTS score. He has over 30 years of experience in treating acute stroke patients and is a Professor of Stroke Medicine at the University of Oxford. He is a world-leading clinician in stroke treatment having studied at Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard University. In 1996, at the University of Calgary, Canada he initiated a region-wide comprehensive stroke programme and established the Foothills Hospital as one of the world’s leading centres for acute stroke intervention. In Oxford, he has successfully set up an Acute Stroke programme and has acted in the past as the university’s Dean of Medicine, Head of Medical Sciences Division.

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Eric Greveson


Eric is the CTO of Brainomix. He received his 1st class Engineering from Cambridge University, and has worked on a wide variety of computer vision projects. These include video processing and 3D graphics algorithms, real-time data capture software, parallel grid computing systems, and data visualization. He has extensive experience in software engineering, design, and programming with languages such as C++ and Python. At Brainomix, Eric works with the clinical and business teams to deliver the company's state-of-the-art medical imaging software.

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Riaz Rahman

VP Healthcare Global

Riaz is Vice President Healthcare Global at Brainomix. He has a BSc Honours degree in Human Genetics from King’s College London and a Masters degree in Human Molecular Genetics from Imperial College London. He is responsible for the company’s revenue, direct sales operations and the management of distributor, agent and channel strategies globally. He leads the development of national and international sales strategies and manages relationships with clinicians and key opinion leaders in each country after market entry. He has held a number of senior management and commercial positions in Pharmaceuticals, Management Information, Health Consultancy and Technology with over 17 years’ experience of working with private and public healthcare.

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Jeff Wyrtzen

Head of Marketing & Business Development

Jeff is the Head of Marketing & Business Development for Brainomix. He received a BA in Modern History from Brown University in Rhode Island, USA. Jeff is responsible for Brainomix’s marketing function, launching key strategic initiatives, and identifying and driving business development opportunities across all channels. Prior to joining Brainomix in early 2019, he worked at Medtronic for 14 years serving in European and Global Marketing roles.

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Andrew Barker


Andrew is Brainomix Chairman. Andrew has an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and a BSc in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Kent at Canterbury. He is an experienced NED and investor in early stage companies. He was involved in the early stages of Internet computing over in Silicon Valley and later worked to build Intel’s UK venture arm.

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Prof Iris Grunwald

Senior Medical Science Adviser

Professor Dr med. Grunwald is a co-founder of Brainomix and has been instrumental in the development of the e-ASPECTS algorithm. She is a consultant neuroradiologist and studied Medicine in Germany. She was awarded her professorship at the University of the Saarland where she became co-director of the department for Neuroradiology. She is board certified in Health Economics and Hospital Management and has published many articles in the field of neuroradiology, including the book "How to set up an acute stroke service". She has an international reputation in implementing acute stroke interventions, presented at over 300 meetings In 2013, she was offered the position of Director of Neuroscience and Medical Affairs at Anglia Ruskin University and is also building up an interventional stroke service at Southend University hospital.

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Gwilym Owen

Head of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Gwilym is the Head of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs for Brainomix. He has BScEcon Honours degree in International Politics and a Master’s degree in International Relations from Aberystwyth University. He is responsible for regulatory compliance and quality management and leads international regulatory clearance activities. Gwilym has 15 years of extensive experience in quality assurance and regulatory affairs for medical imaging software devices and has worked for large multinational companies as well as start-ups and SMEs.

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Dr George Harston

Chief Medical and Innovation Officer

George is Chief Medical and Innovation Officer at Brainomix. He is also a Consultant Physician in Stroke and General Medicine at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He is responsible for coordinating clinical research collaborations and leading innovation at Brainomix. George received his medical degree from the University of Cambridge in 2006. In 2015 George was awarded a DPhil (PhD) from the University of Oxford, following which he continued his research and clinical activity as Clinical Lecturer in the Acute Vascular Imaging Centre. His research interests centre around the development and analysis of CT and MRI to better understand the pathophysiology of acute stroke and global brain injury.

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