Reflections On ESO WSO Meet The Authors 2 Preview

ESO-WSO Webinar: Meet the Authors

Join us for a webinar with Dr Jack Alderson (Beaumont Hospital, Dublin) where we discuss some of the research presented at ESO-WSO 2020.

E CTA Masterclass

Brainomix Masterclass: CTA & Collaterals

Webinar focused on CT angiogram scans and collateral scores

E ASPECTS Masterclass

Brainomix Masterclass: NCCT & ASPECTS

Webinar focused on NCCT & ASPECTS

CTP Masterclass

Brainomix Masterclass: CT Perfusion

Webinar focused on CT Perfusion scans

Covid 19 Webinar.

Brainomix COVID-19 Webinar

Maintaining Optimal Stroke Care in the COVID-19 Era: Perspectives from UK, Germany & Italy

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