May 16, 2019

Milan (1)

Brainomix to Attend European Stroke Organisation Conference (ESOC) 2019 in Milan

e-Stroke Suite®, developed by Brainomix®, is a comprehensive clinical decision support software for the assessment of CT and MR scans of ischemic stroke patients.

The e-Stroke Suite revolutionizes the traditional imaging for stroke diagnosis by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning algorithms to provide best-in-class solutions to hospitals worldwide. Core components of the e-Stroke Suite include e-ASPECTS®, e-CTA® and e-Mismatch software which are in use in leading hospitals around the world.

Experience our new e-Stroke Suite Version 8, which includes features such as:

  • Automated large vessel occlusion (LVO) detection on CTA scans
  • Mobile device viewing capability
  • Multi-phase CTA
  • Automated generation of vessel MIP images
  • Automated PDF case reports via email or DICOM

Brainomix: Booth # 11 (Mico South-Level 0)

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