December 7, 2015

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Brainomix announces a new release for its e-ASPECTS software (v4.8)

Oxford - December 7, 2015 - Brainomix announces a new release for its e-ASPECTS software (v4.8). The new version improves performance and offers several new features, including:

  • Automatic retrieval of CT scans from a remote DICOM server,
  • Automatic deletion of CT scans from e-ASPECTS server after a configurable period,
  • Ability to view DICOM transfer logs in web interface,
  • Ability to download tiled PNG images from the scan viewer,
  • Addition of “legacy mode” to improve UI performance on older web browsers,
  • Improved segmentation accuracy

Eric Greveson, Brainomix CTO stated: “The functionality of our e-ASPECTS system continues to advance at a fast pace. The new version of our software offers an even better user experience and improved functionalities for seamless integration with existing clinical workflows.”

Dr Michalis Papadakis, Brainomix CEO said: “As our sales expand, we remain side by side with our clients trying to cater for more needs. We see our clients as our allies and partners and this is what drives us forward, wanting to improve our level of service and the software produced.”

The latest e-ASPECTS, version 4.8, is now available to order. Click here to register and receive updates.

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