Automated Mismatch Assessment Results

e-Mismatch, powered by Olea Sphere®, is a CE-marked and FDA-cleared software for processing CT Perfusion and MRI sequences.

    • Instant volumetric estimation of infarct, penumbra and mismatch ratio
    • DWI lesion volume analysis
    • Bayesian method for contrast-dose reduction
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Used by more than 200 leading institutions worldwide, e-Mismatch is an intuitive, fast and accurate solution for improving productivity and the diagnostic process. Stroke diagnosis is time-critical, which is why e-Mismatch makes fully automated reports shareable via email anywhere, at any time.

    • Automated and customizable stroke report
    • Thresholds configurable to match standard values or specific clinical trials
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Results Formats

Fast access to images and e-Mismatch results are available in three main formats:

    • PACS - New series in existing patient study
    • Email Notifications - Pseudonymized result images
    • Mobile Apps / Web UI - Mobile apps on Android and iOS with push notifications
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